Dental Cone Beam CT Scanner in Glendale Heights IL

Dental  Cone Beam CT Scanner in Glendale Heights IL
Sometimes, a traditional x-ray just can’t provide the in-depth images I need to perform more complicated oral procedures, like dental implant placement or diagnosing pain in your jaw or mouth. That’s why I have invested in the Cone Beam CT scanner, which provides a detailed view of the teeth, soft tissues, nerves, and bones in your jaw.
What Is the Cone Beam CT Scanner Used For? Cone Beam Dental ScanThe Cone Beam CT scanner provides a comprehensive look into your mouth and all surrounding oral structures in a single scan. It is similar to a traditional CT scan, but it works by projecting a beam that’s shaped like a cone around your head and neck. The result is a 3D image of your teeth, jawbone, and vital anatomy such as nerves and sinuses that I can use to diagnose, treat, and prevent a number of issues.
One of the most common uses for a Cone Beam CT scan is in the preparation stages for dental implants. Accurate placement is vital for their success, and this 3D scan allows me much greater control and predictability in dental implant placement.
Another great use for this technology is in the diagnosis of cracked teeth or failing root canals. The information contained in the Cone Beam CT image will pick up information that a traditional x-ray can miss (especially in the early stages of failure). You may recall visiting your dentist and complaining of tooth pain and nothing showed on the x-ray. Well, those days are over. If there is a problem with an area, we will be able to confirm or rule it out on the spot.
Some of the treatments that your dentist may use a Cone Beam CT scanner for include…
Dental implant placement and surgical guides for precise dental implant placement with minimal surgery Removal of impacted teeth (especially wisdom teeth) Locating the source of oral pain Visalizing the root canal anatomy of teeth to thoroughly treat complicated root canal infections Diagnosing TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems Detecting and measuring tumors in the jaw All of these benefit the patient in that the end delivery of care is more precise, faster and less invasive. There is nothing left to chance or guesswork as the information this technology provides allows me to plan and execute with the utmost precision.
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