Long-Term Effect of Missing Teeth and How Cosmetic Dental Implants in Glendale Heights IL Can Help You!

@Dental in Glendales Heights posted 01/07/2023

If you are missing a tooth (or teeth) and think that it does not impact your daily life, so, therefore, you are not looking to replace the tooth, you should reconsider. While you may not immediately see the harm that even a single missing tooth can wreak on your dental health, you will start to see some negative long-term impacts over time. If you are in the Glendale Heights IL area and seek potential solutions for your missing teeth, you should consider setting an appointment with our Drs. and the team AtDental Dentistry in Glendale Heights . AtDental Dentistry, our dentists have been using cosmetic dental implants for patients looking to replace teeth. Patients who get dental implants from Atdental Dentistry have been nothing but thrilled by the results.

If you are missing teeth and do not see any reason to replace them with a dental implant, itmay do you good to understand some long-term impacts that missing teeth can have on your smile.

Shifting Teeth

When missing teeth create gaps, this space will create an opportunity for surrounding teeth to shift into the gap. It can start with just one tooth shifting, creating even more distance between teeth, resulting in many possible teeth shifting. Another problem could be that teeth not only shift into open space but do so at angles. That can create functional problems with your teeth, such as issues with chewing.

Jawbone Deterioration

Your tooth’s roots go right down into your jawbone. These roots provide blood flow and stimulation to the jawbone. When you lose a tooth, the root is suddenly gone, and this stimulation to the jawbone is suddenly missing. While this may not be an immediate problem, over time, your jawbone could start to deteriorate. When this happens, it will create aesthetic and functional issues.

If you are interested in learning more about dental implants and how they can help you, please reach out to your dentist. If you are in the Glendale Heights IL area and are seeking a well-respected dentist as well as a team that treats you like family, please call our Drs. Atdental Dentistry in Glendale Heights IL . To schedule an appointment, call (630) 307-9955 .

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