Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift

Sinus lifts are for patients who want to undergo implant surgery, but you can’t because of their sinuses. First, you may want an implant, but you need more bone in your jaw to support an implant procedure. You will need to have a bone graft in order to replace some of the bone in your jaw required for implants. If your sinuses are close to the jawbone, you can’t have implant surgery because the risk of infection is that much greater than for someone whose sinuses are not as close to their jawbone. Sinus lifts allow us to start the process of dental implants. To do a sinus lift, we have to raise your sinus membrane from your jawbone and lift it further upward into your sinus cavity. After we augment your sinuses, we can place bone grafts into your jaw that can help your jaw grow larger and prepare for implants.


There are several reasons you may need a sinus lift. You may need to get dental work done to restore teeth due to trauma, such as an accident or an injury. You may also need to get implants because you have lost teeth because of gum disease or tooth decay. You will want to get implants done whether you have lost your teeth gradually or all at one time. Over time, your jawbone will begin to lose bone mass because your body believes that the bone isn’t needed. This might change the way your jaw looks, and even the shape of your face. Because implants screw directly into your jawbone, your jaw believes your teeth are still in place, and your jaw remains strong.


Sinus lifts begin when we take an x-ray of your sinuses so that we can see where your sinuses are in relation to your jaw. We also decide if bone grafts are needed to help strengthen your jaw. We can get bone for your graft from other areas of your mouth, or your body. To do the sinus lift, we make an incision and move the gum tissue out of the way. We drill a hole in your jaw and raise your membrane. Once we have the sinuses raised, we can place bone grafts if they are needed. We place sutures in the area, and then move the gums back to their original position. You then have time to heal up before you have implant surgery.

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